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Interpretation of big data generated by current high performance technologies is a daunting task.
Let us help you solve these problems using our experience in data analysis and software engineering.

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HDX Workbench is an established feature-rich software platform for the analysis of hydrogen/deuterium exchange (HDX) mass spectrometry data from Waters or Thermo instruments.

Allowing users to quickly calculate deuteration levels for peptides, it integrates intuitive visualization tools to provide everything you need to understand and report protein conformation in the presence of HDX.

Software Development, Data Analytics Software Engineering


Handle your bioinformatics needs with Omics Informatics.

We have years of domain-specific knowledge in the 'Omics' field, handling data from genomics, proteomics, and other biological sources.

Let us help you handle your data analytics in today’s rapidly evolving bioinformatics environment and help you make insightful decisions.

We have years of experience developing custom software and are ready to take on projects large and small.

We can build high-performance hardware and software solutions, including data pipelines, graphical user interfaces, and interactive visualizations.

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